Sunday, January 24, 2010

flights of fancy

No one told my crocuses that it's only January. Against reason, against the times they live in they have decided to begin. I join them in their green-shooted delusion. I know it's not really spring yet, but you have to admit they make a compelling argument. Who am I to judge their flights of fancy? The world is mostly grey this time of year but they have selected a different shade entirely.

I am inspired by their rebellious green, their frank indifference to society and convention and the way things are supposed to be done. They are not saving their best dresses to wear on Sunday. In a few more days their finery will great me as I head off to work in the ever-lightening morning. I am as thrilled as they are that the dark days of deep winter are behind us. If spring wants to come a little early, it gets my vote.

Lead on, impetuous ones.
Teach us a new season.
Reset the clocks of the ordinary
and strike up a new song.

We have slept too long.
The morning comes.
Herald the dawn in purple and yellow.
Refuse to be silenced
and I will try to learn your song
of freedom and chance
of timing and
of things that never were
and were always meant to be.
No flower is ever
truly out of season.

(The indoor tulips on the other hand...well as you can see they're just showing off :)