Friday, October 29, 2010

down the rabbit hole

When the espresso machine I've been hunting for more than a year showed up on my doorstep the very day I was considering joining NaNoWriMo I realized it might be a sign.

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month is a challenge to write a novel -- 50,000 words!!! -- in 30 days. It is crazy? Of course it's crazy. (And I'm told it requires a lot of coffee, if you're wondering where the espresso machine comes in to this.) Who has time to write a book in a month? But isn't that just exactly the point? Who has time to write? We make time, we take time, we find time, we redeem the days.

There are some things worth having that come as a result of careful and considered thinking and planning - university degrees and mortgages among them. But there are other things, crazy things, that are never going to happen if you wait for a time when it makes sense.

So yes, I admit here, before it all begins that this is crazy. It's entirely possible, likely even, that I am embarking on a fool's errand. But no wiseman can tell the fool what she might see in her travels, and even the king himself cannot tell the fool's stories. They are hers alone - her gift, her treasure. Her reward for being willing to wander where she does not know the way.

Time to jump down the rabbit hole.