Friday, July 23, 2004

it's a big wide world out there with a lot of white space

After reading a fair few blogs I was starting to feel like a dinner guest who nevers brings desert.  Everyone was giving me really great things to think about and while I had spent considerable time chewing on them I had refused to share the results. 

It was time to pony up.  

I read a blog this morning (when I remember the URL I'll post it) and I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.  I could barely speak.  It was wonderful.  As my breathing recovered I thought, how great is this? I have never met this person, I wouldn't know him from Adam but he made me laugh.  Really laugh.  I really needed that today.  There are people all over the place throwing hate and anger and frustration out into the white space of the world and here this guy throws out laughter.  He doesn't know me, it certainly wasn't written for me, but I got to participate in his moment because he was willing to share.  I knew I had to get me some of that.  So here I am.  Sorry I'm late.  I brought desert.

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