Wednesday, May 11, 2005

nerdy enough

I was on one of those friend-of-a-friend blog trails today and ended up on a Nerd Test, which of course I took because I was on a break goofing off anyway. I went through all of the questions and scored 31% and here's the weird part -- I was a little disappointed. [Sidenote: I have to wonder if being disappointed in a low nerd score automatically increases a person's nerd quotient, but that wasn't part of the quiz.] So I guess I'm not THAT nerdy (which may be a good thing) but I am nerdy enough to find this funny:

Things You Don't Want To Hear From Technical Support

  • Do you have a sledgehammer or a brick handy?

  • That's right, not even McGyver could fix it.

  • So -- what are you wearing?

  • Duuuuuude! Bummer!

  • Looks like you're gonna need some new dilithium crystals, Cap'n.

  • Press 1 for Support. Press 2 if you're with 60 Minutes. Press 3 if you're with the FTC.

  • We can fix this, but you're gonna need a butter knife, a roll of duct tape, and a car battery.

  • In layman's terms, we call that the Hindenburg Effect.

  • Hold on a second... Mom! Timmy's hitting me!

  • Okay, turn to page 523 in your copy of Dianetics.

  • Please hold for Mr. Gates' attorney.

So I'm not nerdy enough to know how to code an unordered list off the top of my head but I am nerdy enough to Google it and follow the instructions. Maybe a little nerdiness is a good thing, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I have a piece of paper taped to my monitor that says "Odds are it's doing exactly what you told it to." Fear not hard working helpdesk staff, I have no intention of taking it down. I know my limits. I'm nerdy enough.


Mandy said...

McGyver can fix ANYTHING...

the salmon said...

i got a score of 24: Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.

good to know.

i wish they asked if i know any elemental puns. those things are so clever...sorta.

issachar said...

The preferred term is geek. As in GQ or Geek Quotient.

And I scored Slightly - 54%

But I bet they marked me down for saying Assembly is a real language, the hosers...

Patricia said...

I got a score of 15. You really got a score of 31% Hhhmm.

Englers said...

I got 45%, which I thought was pretty good, until Alvin took the test to "prove he *wasn't* as nerdy as me", and got 59%. And my 45% is partially by association. Like I wouldn't have rotten food or heaps of dirty clothes in my bedroom... they are on his side, but still in our bedroom. -de