Thursday, September 22, 2005

beautiful day

It was Kendra's birthday on Sunday so we decided to head down to Vanier Park for a little Bard on the Beach. It was a perfect Vancouver day, a late September bathed in sunshine, the kind of day we'll all be dreaming about when the rain starts next week. Kendra suggested that we take a little trip on the False Creek ferry and as you can see, we didn't have any fun at all.

I had never been on the ferry before but it's pretty incredible. It's this tiny little boat, looks like a toy tugboat and for about $1.50 you can go straight across or down to Grandville Island, or all the way the Science Center (that trip costs a little more.) It was amazing being out on the water with all the other boats. Granted, we weren't cruising on one of uber-elegant sailboats making their way through the water but felt great all the same and the view, it was pure Vancouver.

We took the ferry across to where it docks just under the Burrard Street bridge. We were right across from Bard village (which I still think looks a bit like the circus.) From there we walked down to English bay past the Inukshuk and I swear half the population of Vancouver who were out walking, biking and rollerblading that day. Ceone commented that the healthiest Canadians live in BC. It certainly looked like it.

We walked up Denman looking for a Starbucks (that didn't take long) and somewhere to grab some dinner. Along the way we found a great little cake store called Cupcake. You can't have a birthday without cake so we got a little something for the birthday girl. And really, it's not healthy to eat cake alone, so we got some for the rest of us as well. Cake and sushi, not a bad birthday feast. Takes the edge off that old 'getting older' thing.

We saw Love's Labours Lost which was good but I have to admit I liked As You Like It even better. Bard on the Beach will take a final bow for the season later on this week. I hope that the players have enjoyed themselves as much as I have.


Mom said...

You girls sure know how to party. Looks like you had a fun time. Must do that ferry ride myself next time I'm in the area.

There's a store called Cupcake? and you never told me?

Much love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Isn't life grand when there are birthday parties to be celebrated! I am glad that you have a keen set of close friends to share with! Dave and i certainly have been enjoying our party celebrations with friends too! Nothing better than good food, good walks, sunshine, and above all people to share it with in glee! I am off to my course again tonight to learn learn learn. Hoping you have a nice friday too!