Tuesday, November 15, 2005

one for the books

I have discovered a new author to add to my list. I picked-up a Ken Follet novel at the grocery store last week-end because I was desperate. I got home Friday night only to realize that I had left the book I was reading on my desk at work and I can't be without a book. I get jittery. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from Whiteout but I was very pleasantly surprised. This past Saturday I grabbed a copy of Code to Zero and judging by the fact that it's now Tuesday and I'm finished, I'd say it was pretty good too.

I did a little research on Ken and it turns out he's quite a prolific writer. I found almost two shelves of his books at the used bookstore in town. I grabbed three novels hoping to have enough for my upcoming trip. If the other books are this good I may have to go back and restock.

It's a relief to find that there are so many books to choose from. I've read all of Michael Crichton. Maeve Binchy has retired. Tami Hoag's publishers seem determined not to release Kill the Messenger in paperback and I've read all the others. Pat Conroy's work is brilliant but he got married a few years back and the resultant happiness appears to have left him with nothing to write about. Ken Follet has written about twenty novels. Should keep me in pages for a while.

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