Wednesday, January 25, 2006

feelin' the love

My cat is stalking me. I've been working from home today and Gandalf is facinated by it. Every time I turn around she's there. Maybe it's the classic Miss Piggy logic "I could watch people work all day." Whatever it is, I am feelin' the love.


Katinka said...

oh, he's beautiful!! (I must admit, I'm very jealous of you since I can't keep a cat at my apartment here)

Before she died, my cat had a penchant for sprawling right in the middle of whatever I was working on with interesting results. (Particularly if it happened to be a charcoal sketch or a painting. I achieved some very impressionistic results on those days!)

Katinka said...

(oops, Gandalf's a "she")

westcoastloon said...

Well she does have a boy's name. I picked the name before I got the cat. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know the difference.

.A.wall. said...


I love your cat...he's so cute!
That's really cute the way he's watching you like that!

Anyway...see you later.