Tuesday, July 25, 2006

beautiful disaster

Over the past 2 weeks I'’ve been watching CNN'’s coverage of the situation in the Middle East. I'’m watching AC360 which is filmed live, so for a 10pm EST show they'’re filming from the region at 5 in the morning. They shoot the anchor standing outside and I keep noticing the incredible sunrises going on in the background. They'’re quite distracting. Here we are talking about war and the threat of war and Hezbollah and Katyusha rockets and there behind the anchor'’s head is this blatant display of increadible beauty.

At 5 in the morning the sky is still a deep indigo. As the broadcast continues it moves from blue to pink to a yellow that looks so . . . hopeful. From Larneca to Tyre to Haifa to Beirut it's a lovely view, or at least it used to be. For a moment it looks like just another day and then you hear the sirens.

On one hand it's so humanizing, the sun also rises. But at the same time it's jarring. It's so incongruent -- all this suffering framed in the colours of the morning. In in a philosophical way I suppose it's good to know that there is still beauty in a world gone mad, but I imagine the sunrise is cold comfort to those spending the night in basements and shelters and hospitals.

I wish these beautiful dawns were breaking over more peaceful days.


Stefanie said...

I totally agree. Great thoughts. And I'm glad to find someone in my blog network who's actually talking about what's going on in the Middle East.

JAnie & DAve said...

Isn't it interesting that the magnificant sunrise is not news worthy, and in fact would never have been known to you if it weren't for the conflict.



dr riptide said...

I agree... *sigh*

How are things with you??


JAnie & DAve said...

crazy times. Dave and i are going to float lanterns tomorrow ( aug 6th) night in remeberance of the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan. Also it will be a hope for peace from war.
Does vancouver have a ceremony like this? It will happen hear in a near by fountain and i am happy dave found the flyer so we can participate.

Take care and thank you for sharing your wise insights. I don't think enough of my own these days so sometimes you are my fuel.
Love Janie
ps, dave has been begging me to teach him how to crochet so he too can make little hats. You colvin's are great people!