Wednesday, August 16, 2006

happy thoughts and other thoughts

First the happy thoughts -- look at that face! I am seriously in love with his kid. Everyone should get to be an Auntie. The happy thought is that I got to spend the week-end with my whole family in Ontario. The other thoughts revolve around the reason for the trip. We went to Ontario to bury my Grandpa. Funerals always suck but you go through the motions. Stand, sit, shake hands, bow your head, pass the Kleenex. Try to combat the mind games in your head "there will never be another...." Time folds in strange places. As we stood to walk out of the memorial service Janie turned to me and said "You look like you could use this" and handed Corrina to me. She was right. Corrie was just the happy thought I needed.

I took about a bagillion pics of Corrina over the week-end. Turns out she likes my camera and in addition to the one above we got some great shots. You can see the short version on Flickr or if you're my Mom, or Corrina's Mom you can see all 71 shots (fair warning I haven't had a chance to edit these so they're raw).


JAnie & DAve said...

I am so glad that Corrina's life brings joy to you. Little Babies are so important to this world!

And Corrina is very blessed to have YOU as an aunt! You care for her so much and shower her with love everytime you see her. No wonder she smiles so much for you!

I will be checking out those photos soon, just not this moment. This morning i have some sewing to work on, and some pears to make into baby food!

oh yeah, we are thinking of sending some pictures somewhere for baby modeling. Who knows what could happen.
Take care
Love Janie

Janice said...

Claire, I just looked at those photos...what a gorgeous baby! And the photographer did a great job too. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I actually ran into your parents at Meadowview a few weeks ago. Hope to talk to you soon, Janice

andie said...

what a kissable face! my goodness.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. Praying for God's comfort as you mourn and joy in the memories you have of time spent together. have such a way of wording things. I hope you get to write in your day job, and not just edit.

dr riptide said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! Our favorite is the one of you and Corrina on the floor and Corrina has a big, open-mouth smile on her face! Mark is wondering how to create a shortcut to a web address in the text.


JAnie & DAve said...


We printed off our favorites from the batch! Thanks for taking the time to post them online. We also printed off the aunti and baby photo rachel mentioned... SO cute! We are going to have a FAMILY frame so it will be in there.

Take it easy