Monday, August 07, 2006

i do not have two left feet

Photographic evidence to the contrary, I do not have two left feet. However, both Kendra and I are now sporting our traditional summer henna/mehndi body art. We had gone down to the Spirit of the Sea festival on Sunday and as hoped there were several artists on site. We were pretty happy with our results. As a side note, I learned that henna is the Arabic term and mehndi is the Hindi term. So there's your useful tidbit for the day :)

White Rock, as always, was gorgeous. This time they had festooned the pier with flags. All this time I thought the brackets were only used for the lights at Christmas but apparently not. If it were up to me I'd keep these flags up all year. I think they're lovely. Anyone know what the final three flags are? You'll probably have to click on the image to be able to see them clearly. They're blue and white patterns and maybe they're just there to be pretty but I wondered if there was something more to it.

After giving the henna some time to set we headed off to Dolce Gelato. Of course. The store was recently written up as the best gelato in Vancouver. Finally someone with a newspaper has spent some ink on what we've known for years. I tried to find the link to the article but it hasn't found its way into Google yet. Congrats to Davide and Elizabeth on a FANTASTIC job well done. I for one plan to continue doing all I can to keep you guys in business for many years to come.


JAnie & DAve said...

Oh, la la. That is definately the most beautiful Henna i have ever seen. I think i have a box in my closet, maybe i will have dave design and decorate me! Oh, maybe i will have friends over for a Henna fest too. You are inspiring.

Dave is currently at a city wide Christian Ralley thingy were third day is playing (do people still listen to them.. my third day days are long gone), and a great speaker. Franklyn Grahm is coming to winnipeg later this year so this is to pump people up and get them thinking.
I am having very strong chai tea, watching gilmore girls, and doing this!
take care
Oh, dave just called and he and a friend are almost to the door. Gotta go!
PS, i arrive in abbotsford on October 7th, and leave the 14th. I will be sure to come visit you for a day while i am there! We will figure it all out.

Monky said...

Beautiful feet! What a very fun and artsy tradition.
Glad to hear you survived your week in Whistler, too. Looks like you were having fun at the time of the pictures.

westcoastloon said...

Hmm, too bad I'm just noticing now that it's a photo of two RIGHT feet, not two left feet. Yeah, good thing I'm paying attention.

Oh well, at least I caught my own mistake first :)

Anonymous said...

very sweet henna's!

I really should get one again this summer...ah well! We were at White Rock on Sunday night, we saw the parade...and we ate Gelato...mmm..good!

Anyways..can't wait to see you again!

Love always:

dr riptide said...

Your henna art is very inspiring! I have a box of henna that I got while I was in Mombasa, Kenya... Maybe I will have Mark practice his art on me! Hmmmm. That sounds kind of kinky.

Janie, my Third Day days are long gone as well, but they still hold a special place in my heart. How did Dave like the concert?