Tuesday, August 29, 2006

sunday afternoon salsa

Why is that you always find the coolest thing to do right at the end of summer? I remember growing up it seemed to happen every year. Just a day or two before school started and inspiration would hit for this amazing thing we could have been doing all summer. Maybe it was the proximity of school that sharpened our minds, or maybe that just made whatever it was taste better. It hasn't happened to me in years, but it happened again this past week-end.

Sunday afternoon RuthAnn and I headed down to Robson Square for Sunday Afternoon Salsa and it was amazing! For four hours salsa music blares through this crazy venue and couples dance like it's the world, not just the summer, that's ending. There was every age, every race and every skill level on display. So many difference faces and every single one of them was smiling. This was of course, the very last session of the summer. I hear plans are underway to do it again next year. I'll have to see if I can get me some moves by then.

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Katinka said...

Ahah, you might like Swing Dancing then! :) (Check out Showboat at Kit's Beach Thursday nights, near the swimming pools, starting at 8ish...free dancing. Goes for a few more weeks until the cold weather starts)

I totally relate to your end of summer experience...I always feel as though I've just got used to being free of responsibilities when suddenly it's all over and I'm back to school again. *sigh*