Wednesday, October 25, 2006

only that which can be fixed is broken

The good news is that I'm fine. Bruised, but fine. My car is not looking so pretty. Coming home from work last night I was in my first car accident ever. I would be quite happy for it to be the last.

Everyone is fine, thank God Himself. Only that which can be fixed is broken. As the doctor told me the car did its job and "sacrificed itself to take the brunt of the force". Poor little car. I feel very fortunate. It could have been so much worse. I was looking at the accident report the police officier gave me. There are two tiny little boxes labelled "Number of Injured" and "Number of Dead". Mercifully both boxes on my form are empty.

I've spent today resting. Driving is a little painful -- seatbelt buckle resting on top of a seatbelt buckle bruise. I went to the local pool to sit in the hottub for a while. I think it helped. Public hot tubs are a strange concept but we haven't quite gotten one installed at the House of Mirth just yet. Needs must.

There were four of us in the spa and I was the only one without tattoos. How strange. One guys had two half sleeves and it was hard not to notice them. No one looks anyone else in a public hot tub. Sleeve guy and I made eye contact only once, brief and awkward, shattering the lie that each of us was here alone.

For the next couple of days I'll be bumming around in a rented Chevy Aveo. As the commercials promise it does have a "neat-o sound system" but I'm not convinced that it's "fun to drive". Here's hoping I'll be back in my little, black Civic before long.


Anonymous said...

OMG Claire! I'm so sorry to hear this! What happened? I hope you get better really soon. Oh poor dear, I'm praying for you. (((hugs)))

Monky said...

What a shock to the system! I'm so sorry for your little black Honda, but so thankful that you were safe. I'm glad Kendra was able to come and be with you after your ordeal. Nurse your bruises, and may God grant you peace, comfort, and patience (driving a chev!).

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!
Auntie Claire...I hope you feel better soon! And that your poor little car gets better too.

Love you!!!!

kimu said...

glad you're ok! take care and come back to work soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Claire, glad you're doing OK.

dr riptide said...

Hey Claire,
We got mom and dad's email that you had been in a crash. Sucks, doesn't it? I wish that I could say that I'd only had one crash, that would be great (and easier on my insurance) Apart from a little run in with a hedge when you first got her, that car has had quite a successful little run. Here's hoping that you will have many more adventures in her and none that involve other cars.
Hope you're feeling better soon, and you know that I was going to say this but, go and see a chiropractor!! Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) can lead to other neck problems later on in life, you'll thank me later. :-)
Your brother (the one that thinks that he's a doctor or something)

ceone said...

Claire, I'm so thankful you're ok! I hope that the insurance/car stuff all goes ok as well. My work schedule opens up a lot for me next month so I'm hoping to get together with all of you at the HOM real soon. Much love, c.

JAnie & DAve said...

Hey Claire, Hope your ouchie bruises are healing up quickly. We are praying for you of course, and thinking of you. I have to agree with mark on the chiro advice. Hope you find a good one! Speaking of which, i don't think dave and i have been in the last few months.
Hope you have found a good book to read and a super comfy way to fall alseep at night. I imagine that lying on your side, or stomache isn't very comfy now. I am a side sleeper so i know i would not be happy.
Take it easy and rest
Love Janie