Saturday, December 23, 2006

the accidental manicurist

First of all, Merry Christmas! Can you believe it's the 23rd? As my brother would say when we were growing up "it's the Eve of Christmas Eve!" We were big Christmas celebrators at our house. All the decorations had to go up each year, we baked the cookies and used every cookie cutter Mom had cutting them out. Then we'd spend all afternoon decorating. Good times.

Who knows which of us will online in the next day or two so in case I'm not, or you're not let me give you my Christmas greetings now. May you see all the reasons you have for your heart to be bright. And for the ones who live farther away than I wish you did, know that I hold you in might heart even if my arms can't quite reach that far.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with an accidental manicurist, well not much so far so let's take care of that. I learned a lesson in the importance of clear communication today. Kendra and I headed off to our favorite Manicure place to get some fancy nails for Christmas. Traditions come in many forms.

I am a recovering nail bitter but of late my nails have been in decent shape. The plan was to try something new and have the technician add a layer of acrylic over my existing nails to give them a little extra strength. I thought I was pretty clear about that. I sat down and 10 seconds later the technician had taken a pair of clippers, cut my nails down to stubs and pulled out a box of acrylic tips. "What are you doing?" I asked, only partially succeeding in concealing my growing panic. But the time for clear communication had passed. Long story short, I got a little more fancy than I bargained for:
I have never had nails this long -- or this SQUARE -- in my life. They kinda get in the way. The square part I can take care of with a decent file, the fake part will take some time to grow out. I suppose it's a good lesson -- know what you're getting into and if it goes badly, time will often fix it. I struggle with trying new things, it's something I've learned about myself and I'm working on it. I guess the nails aren't the only thing that will take time.


Beck's Bulletin said...

I am soooooo sorry to hear about your nails! The problem is in the word 'acrylic', which to most nail techs means exactly what you got, plastic tips covered by an acrylic substance, neither of which even faintly resembles real nails.

What you were looking for were gel nails....which is a gel that goes over your own nails, is cured by UV light, and just makes your nails that much stronger!(and you have to ask for 'less square')

But as you said, communication is everything! So have a Merry Christmas! and enjoy your square nails! :-)

Mom Colvin said...

Hi Claire,

We think you look very glam. In this picture your resemblance to Mark is quite pronounced - not that you look anything like a guy of course but the family features are quite evident. We think you look smashing!

Love Mom & Dad XX

JAnie & DAve said...


I love that you draw a lession for yourself from most situations in life (at least most that your blog about!!). You do look great in that picture. You have such pretty checks and eyes and a bright smile! Sometimes i think that if Corrina were to look like Dave, but a female, that she would look like you, and that would be wonderful!

I like your nails, and from the picture they don't look too square, but i suppose the picture isn't capturing the idea just right. I don't think i would last too long with long finger nails. I would bump into things with my fingers, just like i bumped into things with my pregnant belly. I never did get used to the hugeness of it.

Well, it is Christmas eve and we are watching old time christmas shows-funny stuff-, so buh bye!

:love: Janie