Friday, December 29, 2006

tech question re: new Blogger

I am appealing to the collective tech once again. I switched my blog over to the new Blogger and I'm right back to an issue I had with the old Blogger -- how do I keep the blog title from pasting itself right across my header without also removing it from the page title in the browser (and also in my profile)?

I managed to get the graphic itself back in by recycling the code from my old template. I know there was a way around the text-over-graphic thing, but the last time I edited my template was about two years ago. (I know...) I do have a new header graphic to put up but it's not quite ready to go yet, still needs some tweaking.

Any ideas? Helpful hints? Backdoor code?

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◄THIS IS ME said...

To get rid of the blog title over your graphic, you will need to remove the title in the template section of the new blogger interface.

Then you will have to edit the code of the new template (html or xml, whatever it is) and add the following tag:

[title]Just a little space[/title]

My blog name in the template section of the new blogger is [img src="http://www.yougettheidea.jpg] and then in the template itself, I added a [title][/title] tag.

Should work, except you will have to use "<" in place of "[" above and ">" in place of "]".