Sunday, February 11, 2007

the darling buds of . . . february

It's beginning to look like Spring here on the west coast. I had the first picnic of the year yesterday. Granted, it wasn't really picnic weather, but it was lovely. I was getting the groceries out of my car this afternoon and realized that the maple tree in the front yard was in bud. Only just barely in bud, but enough to count. The honeysuckle already has miniature leaves. Spring is just around the corner.

I took a walk through my favourite greenhouse today. This time of year it's so silent, and as always, it smells incredibly alive. Who needs a Zen retreat when you can take a walk like that? I know that this has been a harsh winter in a lot of areas, and it's still a harsh winter in upstate New York. (What exactly do you do when there's over 100 inches of snow? That's more than 8 feet!) Let me offer this hope -- Spring is coming. The buds in my garden are already singing its fanfare.


Darcy & Sharon said...

Very exciting! I noticed I have 3 crocuses blooming in my garden today! I am SO ready for spring!

Mom Colvin said...

Wow Claire, budding trees already, hard to believebut how encouraging. Loved the photos and the thoughts.

Mom XX