Saturday, March 24, 2007

fine weather for ducks

We're all lined-up to break a record for rain this week-end. Scary stuff when you consider how much rain is 'normal' for this part of the world. With floods on the way the last two week-ends it seemed the only logical thing to do was to go out and play in it.

A large puddle was making its way across the driveway and I was thinking it was big enough for ducks. Turns out it was. This is a first attempt at video, edited together in Windows MovieMaker. The original clips were shot at 5 MGP and are crisp during editing, but it keeps rendering pixelated. I've adjusted every output setting I can find. The best advice I've had so far on sharpening it up was "buy a Mac". If anyone has advice with a smaller price tag (or wants to buy me a Mac) I'm all ears.

There's an earlier version of the same idea here, but this was accidentally shot at 3 MGP so it's even fuzzier.


Alvin & Denise said...

Cherith gives a big grin and says "Ducky!!"

kelly said...


Mom Colvin said...

Fabulous! says Dad. We loved it.

Mom & Dad XX

JAnie & DAve said...

That was awesome. And i must say that puddle is like a little lake! I always loved playing in large puddles like that when i was a child, setting up a little village on either side and daring the villagers to make it across. Needless to say alot of little villagers died while trying.
I reminded me of a commercial for some reason (complimenting the way it was put together and edited), and I had the urge to buy something at the end, like flood insurance!
Hope you continue to have fun in the wet BC spring!
Love Janie (writing my third last paper of the semester!)

Amanda said...

Heyyy Auntie Claire!
Loved the video!

*hums the rubber duckie song...and annoys friends*


Love you!