Thursday, June 28, 2007

play part 2 (but it's really part one)

When I was getting yesterday's post "play" ready I was sure I had already started putting some thoughts together but I couldn't find them. Today, after already posting the other post I did. Reading them over, I think I like this version of the post better but the other was already posted. So here, mostly just for myself, is the second edition of "play" which is really part 1 but...well you get the idea.

Keri Smith, a professional illustrator originally from Toronto, believes that each and every one of us has art inside. We have creativity and beauty and passion but so often it gets all tangled up and stuck inside of us. We’re afraid to let it out because it’s messy. We can’t draw a perfect tree so we stop trying to draw trees altogether. We believe the lie that “it’s not very good” or “it’s not supposed to look like that”.

Keri’s book is all about creating. Each page has a suggestion to take action. Rip this page up and paste it back in! Set this page on fire! Scribble madly. It’s not about creating fine art, it’s about creating and the great surprise is that some of these messes and mistakes turn out to be quite beautiful.

We all need a little pixie dust before we can fly. Keri provides that spark of inspiration to put pen or paint or mud to paper. I have to go now. Time to play.

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