Tuesday, June 19, 2007

zen and the art of lawn maintenance

Ahh. Finally.

The last two weekends have been soggy and wet leaving me with a front lawn that looks about ready for harvesting. It's been driving me crazy, but you just can't mow a wet lawn. I checked the lawn Sunday, it was still wet but after a full 24 hours of sun on Monday things were all set.


Now I can relax and revel in having a lawn. (Even if I do suspect the moss is outnumbering the grass two to one. Shhh. We won't talk about that.)

Just enjoy the moment.


◄THIS IS ME said...

RE: Moss... moss can be good, at least your lawn stays green and the more moss, the less mowing!

Cool pic, btw.

Anonymous said...

the lawn is mowed!
let's have a lawn party shall we?

(btw-lawn party= equivalent of garden party, just less formal.)

and I agree with sleeping daddy...that is an AMAZING picture!

ps- when're we going salsa dancing? cuz i'm excited for that.

ramblin'andie said...

Hey, didn't you know that moss lawns are the new "big thing". We drive Andrew crazy with our love of dandelions and moss...he likes the pristine golf type lawn.

DAve & JAnie said...

beautiful picture! I love your pictures! I wish I had grass.. or i wish i lived close and Corrina and I could play in your grass!

As to the post.. i haven't finished it yet. I had hoped to finish it by the time i posted the other post.. but it is still in the writing! But soon... it will be very detailed!

I love weeds!