Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it always rains on moving day

It rained and rained and rained and rained today. Not great weather for walking in but it sounded wonderful. I kept the windows open all day. After work I snapped this guy making his the arduous trek across the driveway. I'm sure somewhere the kids are asking "are we there yet?"


Darcy & Sharon said...

Great pic! I hope it won't rain on your moving day! Speaking of which, I have boxes for you, and I hear you've got a chair for me. One day we'll have to make a trade.

DAve & JAnie said...

moving day... did you find a place? Ahhh, we are so disconnected because we have been awfully busy with school for me, and stuff for Corrina.
BUt I wanted to drop by to say thanks for your comments, as well:
LOVE THE HAIR! isn't it great to have someone else straighten your hair. It takes me so long to do mine these days, even though it is short. ack.
I loved your thoughts on creams, and life. Very true. unfortunately true both that we are buying into the creaming overkill crap, and the fact that moisturizing really will help our skin, just not as much as we are lead to believe.
I like wrinkles. Experience is something that no one can afford to buy, yet we have found that we can afford to hide it away.
enjoy your rain.

Claire Colvin said...

It's not moving day for us quite yet, just for the little snail dragging his house across the driveway.

We're still looking for a place to move in to. Sept 1 is the official day.

kelly said...

wow, that's a cool picture!
so, are you looking for strictly an apartment, or are basement suites an option?

mammasita said...

hi there, im a friend of Janies,
I just wanted to say you take awesome pics!
that ones really neat
keep up the great work