Tuesday, October 16, 2007

dinner's on

A few weeks ago we got a new table and chairs from Ikea (thanks Mom & Dad!). Tonight we had Shannon and the girls over for dinner and we realized that it was the first time we had sat at the new table for dinner in our new place. So of course we had to take a picture.
Even though it's a lousy picture of me, at least it's a great shot of the table :) I was going to do a retake, but that was a re----ally good ham dinner and I'm not nearly vain enough to let it get cold.

Update: Check out what Shannon made for desert. It's an apple, wrapped in pie dough, stuffed with brown sugar and baked. And then topped with ice cream and a little cinnamon. Yummy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Claire
It was totally all Kendra for the dessert last night - I was just there for the free food this time:-)

DAve and JAnie said...

Love the table, love the look of the seating area/living room, and kitchen too!
Have a good weekend... ps.. did you see the new tiny note on our blog that Corrina will be getting a second implant very soon! Just got a letter about the funding the other day!
lots of love