Wednesday, October 10, 2007

giving thanks

Technically it's a little late for Thanksgiving, I know. But giving thanks is supposed to be a lifestyle choice, right? If thankfulness is an every day thing then I'm right on schedule.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. A few days earlier on a trip to Ikea Kendra and I saw these crazy napkins and we got the idea that they'd make great turkeys. (Actually, I'm pretty sure the whole thing was Gord's idea :) A little construction paper, a little glue and we had a row of these fine fellows to set each place. Before long the spices were out and it was time to make pie. Is there anything quite as wonderful as walking into a kitchen that smells like pie? We had pumpkin pie and apple pie and cherry pie. Kendra makes great pie. I highly recommend it.I tried something new with the decorations this year. For the past several years I've done leaf garlands over the fireplace, but I don't have that fireplace anymore so it was time to try something new. There's a crazy commercial for Safeway that has been playing these past few weeks. There's this perfect, Martha Stewart set-up right down to little pumpkins in the trees outside and soup served in little carved out gourds. Then they pan to the kitchen where there's a store bought Safeway pumpkin pie still in the box. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

On the table in one of the shots they have flower arrangements set in gourds as vases and they looked beautiful so I thought I'd give it a shot.Not bad for a first attempt. I was pleased with the way it turned out. I made a pair of them and we took them over to Shannon & Gord's for the feast. We set up the table and it was the perfect backdrop for a drop dead delicious turkey. MMMmmmmmmm. In looking back over these photos I realized that I've got pictures of all the accoutrements, but none of the people. Whoops. I am thankful for the colours and smells of Fall. I am thankful for the beauty painted so carefully across the landscape. But I much more thankful that wherever I turned my eye that day I saw people I hold dear.

Thankfulness is all in the details. It's in taking a moment to notice what has been done with you in mind whether that's all the work of cooking a feast or cooking the peppers on the side (just for me). Thankfulness is a state of mind. And I am thankful. Still.


ilaneve said...

muy bonito todo

DAve & JAnie said...

First, I love the new header! it is fantastic, foresty, restful... I guess it's Just a little space! I think that your blog title is still my very favorite!
Great napkin turkey's! Now, is that the new round table (like our's) from Ikea that I see hiding underneath the colorful flower arrangements?
I love the flowers in the gourds! They look brilliant. I often keep my 'thanksgiving' decor around for the remainder of fall. Hope your gourds last a little longer for you!
The house, from what I can see in the photos looks so nice and modern! Enjoy the final touches of setting up your home!
Next time we are out I just might demand a pie from Kendra's hands. That crust looks scrumptious!
Lots of thanks giving love

dr riptide said...

Wow... colorful and fun! I wish we could've been there. We haven't celebrated Thanksgiving here...yet. It'll be summer here, but that's OK. I gotta have my pumpkin pie. I LOVE IT. Mmmm. Your pie looked fabulous.

Tomorrow we are having dinner with some campus crusade people ministering here for 2 years. We will surely drop your name, our famous sister in CC circles! We're both proud of the meaningful work you are doing for women around the world.

Lots of love,