Saturday, December 01, 2007


If you haven't seen Enchanted yet, you really should. A delightful fairytale, it delivers many laugh-out-loud moments and refuses to take itself too seriously. If you remember laughing during the original Shrek when the singing bluebirds became breakfast then you're likely to enjoy this movie. Usually it's other people poking fun at Disney but finally they have grown-up enough to do so themselves. We had a great time.

Right now, looking outside my window the snow is moving just as if it were inside a giant snow globe all swirly and light. It is also enchanting. I can appreciate it this morning -- there's nowhere I have to go, and for errands later Shannon's got the Durango. And that thing can drive anywhere. I never understood why so many SUV drivers ended up in the ditch until I had my first ride in a Durango on snowy roads last year. It feels like a tank (or at least the way I would imagine a tank to feel) thoroughly invincible. I can see how it would make you forget that you still need to adjust your driving to the conditions.

I am always at odds with myself when winter finds its way to our fair west coast. I love it and I hate it, almost in equal measure. If could walk anywhere I needed to get to it could snow all it liked. I love the way it blankets the world in white, even if it is a fairytale and the grime of everyday living is only covered over not cleaned away. I love the sparkle and the light. It is magical, there's no denying that. But as Joss Wheadon taught us, magic always has consequences :) If it would just stay off the roads snow and I could be fast friends.

Hmm, snow that falls on the ground but stays off the roads. Now there's a fairytale.

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DAve & JAnie said...

You many relate very well to Lorelie gilmore's love and hate of snow! Hey, any excuse to watch gilmore girls is a good one for me.. or maybe I should have writen that lorelie would relate well to you, ya know, because you are the real person and she is not. Either way, your lovely post reminds me of the two sided relationship LG shares with snow in my all time favorite show!
I love snow in BC more than snow in winnipeg because in bc it is wet and moldable, and doesn't stick around for months on end. Uhoh, dave just caught me blogging while I am suppose to be writing my big fat last paper of the semester. Gotta go.
lots of love though sista!