Friday, December 07, 2007

even cozier

I was going to say 'even Christmas-i-er' but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Shannon invited us over for dinner and tree decorating on Tuesday. Here's Kendra and I with Coli and Amanda and the finished tree.

And just to prove that we really *did* have snow -- real snow, not BC snow -- here are the ubiquitous "No way! It's snowing!" pics:

It was really piling up. We actually had to buy winter coats this year. They're saying it will be the coldest winter on record. (I almost hope it will be, that coat is like walking around inside a giant hug. When I took it off to go indoors I felt bereft.) It's my first ever coat with thumbholes and the girls are right, thumbholes are made of awesome.
Fleece cuffed sleeves that a) are actually long enough for my arms and b) stay in place. Brilliant. Gone are the days of a cold wind blowing across a bare wrist. Heaven. (If Heaven had snow.) Come to think of it why couldn't Heaven have snow? Maybe they have the snow-that-doesn't-land-on-roads ? I don't know about you, but when I picture Heaven it's always about 10 in the morning, a balmy 22 degrees with the sun shining and just in time for a midmorning cup of tea.


DAve & JAnie said...

Very lovely coat. I hope winter stays around as well so you can keep wearing it. Winnipeg was my real-realest winter coat since I was about 12, and boy did I make big mistakes in picking that out... I thought I needed it really big to fit lots of layers under...anyway, looks nice and snowy indeed! Corrina and I traipsed about in the snow this morning. She is usually more into snow play, but maybe she wasn't interested because Dad wasn't there! I am actualy very impressed with her snow angel making abilities.
Can't wait to see your Christmas deco photos. I will have some soon too, if we ever actually finish decorating.

◄THIS IS ME said...

what do you mean TEA - the drink of the morning is COFFEE - especially if it is LGT coffee fresh from the roaster :-)