Tuesday, January 29, 2008

love comes in many forms

Mmm. . . look what was delivered today -- fresh Peruvian fair trade Cafe Pangoa, espresso roast of course. All dark and silky, it smells of Heaven. Must be love.


DAve & JAnie said...

Wow, those beans look so good I just want to eat them like that.. so does my cat.. he loves coffee! Enjoy!

the salmon said...

hi claire!

we used one of your articles at my Mom's group: how to write a love letter.

:) cool eh? good article btw.

Mom Colvin said...

Very clever photo Claire - especialy the shape of the bag top.

I love the way the beans glisten, as if they've been oiled in anticpation of an hour on a beach somewhere.

Mmmmm - beach somewhere, sigh!

lvoe Mom XX