Wednesday, May 07, 2008

play a song for me

I just want to go on record, now, before the live show tonight and say that I have no idea what fate has in store for Jason Castro tonight. There's the camp that thinks he's toast and the people who think the Aggies will pull him through. Some think he gave up, some claim he never cared in the first place and still others will love him to their dying day - whether he likes it or not.

For me, it doesn't matter. None of it does. Whether it's on the Idol stage next week, or from the coach at Ellen's or on a CD a year from now I have just one request for Jason Castro play a song for me. Just let me know where and when and I'll show up. I've got my iTunes account prepped and ready to go. I'll meet you there.

Entertainment Weekly writer Mandi Bierly questioned Jason's intentions last week with her [ insert voice of incredulity here ] "You're kind of ready to walk off America's biggest stage??? " comment. She revels an interesting, and I'd guess common perspective. "Who wouldn't want to be an American Idol?" the collective conscious asks. Well, I wouldn't. And lucky for me I am in no danger of it. But I wonder if Castro would whisper "me too".

There seems to be something patently unAmerican about not wanting to demolish the competition, come out on top and reap tons of money. But here's the secret. . . .it's not everyone's dream. Have you seen the video from last week of the Idol contestants entering the Mirage hotel in Vegas? There's a massive group of fans gathered and they're all screaming, reaching, kissing, yelling, photographing and groping towards the contents as they try to enter the building. Can you imagine that being your life? I am very happy it's not mine.

So what will happen to our dreadlocked hero? I have no idea. Half of me hopes he gets his Aggie homecoming and the other half hopes he gets to home so Simon & Randy can find someone else to kick the crap out of next week. Which ever way it goes, I hope the future sees him with a guitar in hand, on his own terms. And if he feels like sharing. . . I'll be there.

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Anonymous said... one else I know likes/liked jason.

but i will buy his album! i'm stoked.