Wednesday, July 30, 2008

photobooth (& evil librarians)

I have finally discovered what it is about Macs that makes them so coveted and beloved. It's not simply that they are an amazing product (although they are). It's not even because they're pretty (so pretty). The real reason people buy Macs is for Photobooth. I've had mine over a month and haven't posted a single goofy, fun house-inspired shot. Shame on me. So here are the early attempts:

This could be titled "Claire in natural habitat: deep in a book." If you can't find me, odds are this is where I am.

And this one would, of course, be the cover for the debut CD of my indie band. Oh the bourgeois angst!

This one, well it just makes me laugh. When playing with the stretching/ squishing features I noticed that a lot of the results looked like villains from The Incredibles. Especially this one.

I think this character would be an evil librarian who every time you asked for an action adventure novel gave you a book on the history of string. I think she'd sit in a tiny, uncomfortable chair behind a huge wooden desk scowling and snatching books out of people's hands and telling them to SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! She'd spend the day saying "That book CANNOT be taken out of the library!" and "Well we don't have it, I don't care what the search says" and "if you really want that book you'll just have to look it up IN THE CARD CATALOG" and other evil things. I think she'd have a big mug of cold, stale coffee on her desk that she'd sip from occasionally (eww) but would screech at anyone who dared to open a water bottle in the library.


We got off work early today (long story) so I think it's time to head back into that book.

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