Friday, July 18, 2008

two words: dr. horrible

Two words: sing-along blog. If that doesn't get ya try these: Nathan Fillion. Or Joss Whedon. Did you miss the part about sing-along blog? Here's another two: internet event. And the slightly longer but it's my blog so live with it: I-laughed-so-much-my-coworker-Sheldon-Skyped-me-to-say-I-was-laughing-really-loud-but-he-sent-me-the-link-so-I-say-it's-his fault.

Clearly two words can not do justice to the mad genius that is Joss Whedon's musical sci-fi adventure "Dr. Horrible". (Although his title IS two words. And so is his URL.) If you saw "Once More With Feeling" then you already know this is going to be good. And if you didn't, well surely the pairing of Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion is enough. It also stars Neil Patrick Harris, but he's three words all by himself so I couldn't mention him at the beginning of this post. Two more important words: Act now. This puppy is free online until midnight tomorrow only and like that one prof who scheduled your history class at 8am, there are no extensions. Trust me on this, you'd don't want to miss out*

What it comes down to really are these two words: click here

* After tomorrow it will be available on iTunes and later on DVD (with extras natch) but isn't it so much cooler to see it now? Also, there's a long rant on the site about how this came out as a reaction to some of the things that lead to the writer's strike which is also pretty cool but way more than two words, so just head to the site and read Joss' version. (And thanks little brother for taking the time to phone your sis when you found something this awesome and knew she would love it. You were right.)


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