Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sweet cheat

Last week Kendra, Shannon and I started our Wilton cake decorating course. This week we actually got to decorate cakes! The lesson plan suggested a rainbow cake, but I wasn't really feeling that. So instead I decided to do the Cheat, napping in a crisper drawer of course. If you haven't seen the "Privaleges" episode of Strongbad a) this won't make much sense b) you should really click that link and go see it and c) yes, I know it's spelled wrong, that's intentional.

So there he is, the Cheat, remote control in hand. I know he's supposed to be in the livingroom, but outside was so much easier to draw than an orange coach. If you haven't seen the cartoon, (and haven't clicked that link yet) here's the image I was working from:

The carrots on the cake aren't quite the right color, and I learned that when using a gel transfer, not all the gel will be covered, so choose a realllly light coloured gel. All in all, I'm pleased with the way it turned out. And it was delicious. More photos to come including Shannon & Kendra's very cool cakes later when I have some more time.


Anonymous said...

Claire that is so cool! I have thought of taking that class but am afraid to make a fool of myself. I have no artist ability at all.
Cathi Jo

Mom Colvin said...

Great cake Claire! I think you girls need to find room in someone's freezer for all these cakes or the next stop for everyone will be Weightwatchers!

Seriously, you did an amazing job. You are now the official family birthday cake maker - please? So much more artistic than the Wilton pans that you fill in the outlines with a star-shaped nozzle.

love Mom XX

Claire Colvin said...

Fortunately we've got that under control. One cake went to school with Amanda, one went with Nicole, and I took mine to work (after everyone at home had a slice of course :) ) For future weeks we're going to use cupcakes whenever possible.

Claire Colvin said...

ps I LOVED your Wilton fill in with stars cakes as a kid!

Sue said...

good job!

dr riptide said...

How fun, a cake decorating course! I would totally do that with you if I were there... How did it taste??