Saturday, November 08, 2008


Lots of treats today! First of all, there's a new picture of the newly expanded Colvin family. Here's Kai just hanging with the 'rents. Seeing him in almost-profile like this, I can see Mark in him. There's a painting in my parents' house that my Grandpa did of Mark, aged two, fast asleep and the image of it flashed in my mind as soon as saw this. I love that the three of them look so calm and peaceful. Their lives just changed for always - a cause for celebration indeed.

Speaking of celebrations, I am a fan of fresh flowers in the house on regular days so when there's a celebration going on flowers definitely need to be a part of it. I really liked these pink roses but they weren't very manly so I found a teddy bear and be-ribboned him appropriately. I may not be able to make it there in person just yet, but to my Australian family, know that we are celebrating Kai in this household too. Shoebox season is just around the corner so in a week or two I'll send this little fella off to a little girl somewhere who will take good care of him.
And as if flowers and photos of fresh nephews weren't treats enough, there's chocolate. Kendra's brother-in-law Gord piloted a rare flight to London last week and graciously picked up a few supplies for me:It's everything an ex-pat could hope for -- lots of shiny Cadbury's purple wrapped around Buttons, Twirls, Cury Wurly & Fudge. Well, they're wrapped right now. No telling how long that will last. Did I mention there were Buttons? I don't know why they taste so good, but they do.


Dad Colvin said...

I hope we haven't forgotten the rules about Dad Tax, especially when it comes to candy made by Mr. Cadburys. :-)
Well I can always hope !!
Lots of love, Dad xx

DAve & JAnie said...

I see the "english" mark in him too! He is such a doll, isn't he? We are lucky Aunties! And you are right, being an auntie is amazing! I can't wait to send presents!