Monday, January 05, 2009

the physics of snow

As you may have heard, we've had a little snow around here. And the natives, myself in particular, are none too pleased about it. For those who think we whine about snow of no significance, I offer the following physics problem. How do you get a car that does not bend in and out of this?
As you can see, my designated parking spot is on the gravel beside the driveway, normally a lovely place to park. Until the neighbour piles the snow from his driveway up one side of your car and the landlord piles the snow from the their driveway up the other turning your parking spot into a parking alley with verrry tight proportions:The alley stretches right out the road so now to get in, or out, you have to make a 90 degree turn from the road into the parking alley. For reference, the bank on the left is about 2.5 feet high, passable in truck or decent 4x4 (too bad I drive a Sentra). But the bank on the other side is getting to be a little over 4 feet -- that's a full size snow shovel standing up right on in it's blade beside the pile.I've gotten in and out twice using both the driveway across the street, the landlord's and a shaky three-ish point turn technique. The first time it was a success, this morning after another 4-5 inches of really wet, really slushy snow I beached the car right across the road trying to get back in. Thank goodness for kind neighbours who needed to use the road and pushed me out. (I'd say "you're awesome dude in the van!" but he was driving a truck -- that one was for you Wall family :) As for passengers, I can only take really really skinny people, unless you want to wait in the street til I get out.After my valiant if unsuccessful attempt to drive to work today I must say I've felt a little vindicated to see three other cars get stuck on this street and even a truck having a hard time getting down it. I wonder if it's too late to learn a rain dance?


Dave said...

We lose so much space outside in the winter too! it's a tight squeeze.
I can't believe all that snow. Are you sure you didn't drive here, take all those pictures and just pretend that snow was in your province.. I just don't know....
Happy New Year! We are printing photos right now to send out in a new year greeting card... because, well, you may have noticed, we missed christmas. ops.

mom & dad said...


We are at an internet cafe and have forgotten your email address. But just to let you now that yes there is a cyclone (i.e. hurricane) going through the area but we are fine. Unfortunately our trip to the Barrier Reef was cancelled but we've seen everything else like koalas, kangaroos and cassowaries. Kai is absolutely gorgeous but we are biased. He is even giving us smiles. Aah! Please let Dave and Janie know that we are OK and tell them that we have sent a pressie to Corrina from here.

Lots of love
Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxx