Sunday, January 18, 2009

stargate: atlantis wrap party

Much to the disappointment of fans everywhere, Stargate: Atlantis was canceled earlier this year making the fifth season the final installment. The fifth season hasn't even aired on cable in Canada yet but thanks to the wonders of a friend with Movie Central that hasn't got in our way. The final episode aired recently and we decided to have a little wrap party and watch it together. Monica came over with the tape and we had blue jello and lemon chicken to celebrate (Rodney would have been proud).

We also had chocolate covered strawberries -- no irony or hidden Atlantis reference there, they just taste good.I thought they did a good job with the final episodes, they brought their game up a little. I think the story lines have suffered this season. I was pleased to see them pick up a few threads from episodes past and was particularly touched with Carter's lines about renaming the Phoenix the General Hammond. There were "ahhs" all across the living room for that one. A fitting tribute I thought. [ For those who don't watch the show, shame on you, Don S. Davis who played General Hammond for many years on Stargate SG-1 passed away suddenly last year. Now you're in the know, go watch the show. ]

When we got to the part when Ronon is shot [I mean stabbed, thanks Coli :) ] I was almost out of my chair. Theses guys face certain death all the time on the show, but you know they're always going to get back up again. Here in the final episode I thought maybe they weren't kidding. By the end of the show, they had told a good story, so I was happy. You could tell that the writers have been taking full advantage of the end of show, all bets are off atmosphere. A few episodes back they cut off Sheppard's hand and I totally bought it. I figured they could green screen his hand for the final three shows. Any other point in the series I would have known that something was up, but this close to the end, it's all on the table.

There's going to be an Atlantis movie, or so they tell us, as they try to both keep us on board and pitch the new spin-off who's name I will not mention here. Yes, I'm sulking, I know, but I liked Atlantis and I wish they could have kept it around a little longer. They film right here in Vancouver and I never got a chance to causally swing by. (Although as any Vancouverite will tell you, you can follow the neon road signs as long as you like, you're never going to get past the corner where they park the first security guy. It's still fun to dream.)

I'm sure we'll gather to watch the movie when it comes out and cheer on John and Ronan, Rodney and Teyla and the others. And until then, there's always the bonus features on the DVDs.

ps. Mom, here's what the new haircut looks like (at least the curly version, it's fun straight too.)


mom colvin said...


love the hair cut. You've cut yours and I'm thinking about growing mine.

I got so fed up with "beach hair" that I couldn't do anything with. It would have been nice to be able to put it up instead of having what Dave calls "hippie hair". It looked a lot better on my 19 year old self.

Anyway, I'm a lot tidier now that I'm home with my usual curling iron, mousse and hairspray. Its tough now being able to take aerosols on a plane.

I'm mailing your package today.

love, Moom XX

dr riptide said...

is your hair red? or redder than it was before? Rach and I were debating it and I think it definately looks less blonde and maybe a bit red?
Oh, and too bad about stargate, maybe you can go watch an episode of smallville out in cloverdale instead...

Claire Colvin said...

Too funny, it *does* look kinda red in this shot. It's not, I just need to rdo my highlights. I was hoping to do them when I got the haircut but some jerk smashed out the window of my car that week so I got to pay a $200 deductable instead. Highlights would have been a lot more fun.

◄4Wa||z said...

OK. two mistakes.

first, you spelled Ronon wrong and second, he didn't get shot, he got stabbed.

love you!
/coli <3

Claire Colvin said...

Thanks for the edit Coli, I have updated the post :)

Love you too,
Auntie Claire