Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kai's first album cover

OK, I know they're starting them younger and younger these days but I have to say, I'm impressed that at the tender age of just four months, my nephew Kai has already shot his first album cover.Clearly he decided to go for a soulful, guy with guitar alternative sound, all introspective and just moody enough that the girls will want to take him for coffee to let him let it all out. It's a delicate balance -- enough of a sad air that you just might be a genius, but not so much that people think you might have real problems. You need them to think that the world weighs heavy on you because you but you don't want chicks thinking you're a downer. Barely four months old and the kid nailed it. Remember us when you're huge Kai.

From the same photo shoot we have the "who? me?" innocent shot:And this one where Kai is just hanging and waiting for the ladies.
How is it that at four months my nephew is already cooler than I am? I think it's the hair. Some people think it's not long enough to fall over yet, but I think Sheldon got it right when he said "Kai's in Australia, he's upside down. No wonder his hair stands up."

Rock on, little dude, rock on.


Darcy & Sharon said...

Love the hair! What a little cutie!

Mom Colvin said...

Claire, You crack me up! I loved the pics - did you get them off Facebook? Your comments were hilarious - you should be a writer :)

OK, OK I know you ARE a writer - and so you should be, you are very talented.

Gandalf has just got settled comfortably on my lap and the bread machine is beeping that the loaf is done. Poor Gandalf! Oh well I expect she'll be back.

... yup! she's back. She must be feeling cold today. The bread turned out really well too.

Need to go and get on. Retirement is going well for me so far - lots to do and less time to do it in.

love, Mom XX