Sunday, April 05, 2009

UPDATED - Mom & Dad bought a house!

UPDATE: Now there are more pictures of the new place. Mom said I can be her official decorator (twist my rubber arm). I *knew* all those hours watching home decorating shows were going to come in handy!

After years of planning Mom and Dad really are moving out west. This past week-end they bought a beautiful house in their dream neighborhood just minutes from the Vedder River. The house has a great flowering tree out front. Doesn't it look inviting?
The house is 3 bed/ 3 bath was lots of places for hanging out. There are fantastic windows throughout giving the house great light and mountain views. When you come in the front door, this living room is on the left.

You can't quite see it in this picture, but there are two skylights in this room too. The staircase is straight ahead with a powder room and laundry room off to the right. If you follow through to the back of the house you get to the family room.

Looking from the family room over to the left, the breakfast room and kitchen run all along the back of the house.

The kitchen has new counters and there are new hardwood floors and carpet throughout. There's also a formal dining room on the left side of the house between the living room and the kitchen. Upstairs there's a big landing, three bedrooms and a games room. There's also a great view down into the living room. And literally, a 3 minute walk from their new front door, there's the Vedder River:
I think there are a lot of really great memories just waiting to happen in this house. Upstairs there are three bedrooms plus a games room. Dad is going to take over one of the bedrooms for a permanent train installation. The great thing about retiring is that you finally get to play professionally :)

Mom & Dad have been saying that they wanted to get a couple of La-Z-Boys to go in the new house. We took a trip into Langley to the La-Z-Boy gallery and they found a sectional instead.
Theirs is the same style as this one, same color but instead of the long lounging part it has three -- yes THREE -- recliners in it. Dad loves that two of the recliners are on the same side so he & Mom can recline side by side. Clearly Mom & Dad will be hosting movie night. I am thrilled to bits that they are going to be about a half hour drive away. We've waited a long time for this and now it's just a few weeks away.

Welcome to BC Mom & Dad. To quote the great Broadway musicals "I think you're gonna like it here!"


Anonymous said...

Just minutes from the Vedder River?! Forget the train room'll need the room for all your fishing gear.

Welcome to BC Chris and Mary!

Scott Hill (who is just a little bit envious of their proximity to the river...)

Darcy & Sharon said...

Looks like a very nice house. My brother and sis-in-law are in the process of buying a house in Abby with a basement suite in it. The current renter works at Power To Change - I think he's a tech guy? He's got a wife and two kids (2 and 8 months-ish). Small world, huh?

Janice said...

Wow! How exciting Claire, to actually have some family in the same province. Very nice. I'm happy for you guys.

DAve and JAnie said...

Every time I see pictures I am so thrilled and happy that this is their new place. I can see them there already, comfortable, visiting, reclining, watching the birds, flowers, water, and sky!

I think this place suits them, and we can't wait to spend the night in the future. Great pick!

Anonymous said...

WOW... how wonderful.. It looks great and soooo welcoming! I can see you out there already! Can't wait to visit you.
Congrats guys.. love, Anne

Beck's Bulletin said...

How very exciting!!! and the house looks much fun just waiting to happen.

Oh and Darcy and Sharon, I have no idea who you are but your brother and sis-in-law just bought my son's house I do believe!! A small world indeed(oh and I work with Claire at Power to Change too!)