Wednesday, April 22, 2009


During my last year of university a good friend of mine wrote a song for me. It was, and remains, a very cool experience. Today I found out that the daughter of another friend of mine has achieved this same feat at the tender age of 5.

In some ways, it's not that surprising. Julia is a child who sparks wonder and delight in those around her. You could make a calendar out of the things she says. (My personal favorite is still the time she wished she could "gather up all the gravity so she could fly".) It was Julia's birthday just the other day and David Cavan Fraser, friend of the family penned a song for her. It reminds me of early John Mayer, especially towards the end. Take a listen:


I love the lyrics:

Say your prayers and I will say mine too
that only my good
will get passed on to you.

If ever there was a perfect prayer for parents.

There's a line in the song that says "try not to grow up if you can". I hope that as Julia gets older and ever wiser that she holds on to the joy she greets the world with now. I hope that at 15 she is still as willing to run and greet an old friend, or cross a room to make a new one. And if she figures out a way to fly, I hope she'll take me with her.

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Sue said...

dear friend,
you are so sweet. :) how nice of you to post a post about a post. :) heehee.

i had fun making J's cake, thanks for the comments. it means a lot coming from a majorly creative cake making lady!! :)

we are jealous that you are gaining a really coooooooooool couple in June.... we'll miss them