Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am many things, impulsive is not one of them. I think, I consider, I wait, I delay. I am very good at thinking myself out of doing things or finding reasons why trying something new is a bad idea. I like familiar things, things I am good at, things I understand. So today, during family Christmas when my niece Amanda came up to me and said "I'm getting my ear pierced, wanna come?" it was complete surprise to hear myself say "yes" after very little consideration.

Off we went to Claire's in the mall (how appropriate) and got matching third holes together. The last time I got my ears pierced I was 11. I now have a little diamond in my right ear. It's CZ for now, but I just might replace it with a real one eventually.

As I step into 2010 I hope it will remind me that little extra sparkle never hurt anyone. I hope it will be a sign that trying new things can be a good thing, and that doing new things is not nearly so scary if you have someone to hold your hand. I hope I will see it in the mirror and remember that there is a whole world of pretty little ideas waiting to be tried out. I hope it sets the tone for 2010 and the years that follow.

Thanks Amanda, I'll hold your hand anytime. This was a very good idea. Merry Christmas!


Mom Colvin said...

I like it. A little impulsiveness never hurt anyone. You both look great with the extra sparkle.

ramblin'andie said...

I nominated you as a beautiful blogger. Should you so choose, you can list seven things about yourself and pass on the honour to seven more beautiful bloggers.