Wednesday, June 22, 2005

robin in the rain

It was my turn to cook yesterday. When I went shopping on Monday it was a classic summer day so when I saw steak on special at Safeway a barbecue sounded perfect. By Tuesday it was raining. By the time I was ready to start barbecuing it was REALLY raining. But that's what Gortex is for.

I was only outside a few minutes when the words to a song my Mom used to sing to me came back to me. I could hear her voice singing, accented still after all these years:

Robin in the rain, what a saucy fellow
robin in the rain, in your socks of yellow

I had to laugh. A little later on I noticed that I'd planted a whole bunch of flowers in areas where the rain didn't reach them so I got out the hose. I figured I was already out there anyway. How strange it must have looked -- a girl out watering flowers in the rain singing a little song about a bird. I had to laugh at myself.

Towards the end of the song it says, "robin in the rain, you don't mind the weather." I guess that makes two of us.

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issachar said...

It's perfectly normal to barbecue in the rain. We were having burgers. Well, actually I lit the barbecue. Aaron was the one with a big umbrella.