Wednesday, June 22, 2005

so very nearly cool

I received an invite today to be a beta tester for Evan William's latest project. Odeo is podcasting meets audioblogger meets bloglines. It's a collaboration between Evan (one of the creators of Blogger) and Noah Glass (the guy behind AudBlog and ListenLab). For a minute there I was feeling so urban and connected. I went onto the site and signed-up and enjoyed the buzz of feeling "in" for about a minute and a half. One of the really cool things about Odeo is that it works on any mP3 player. I don't have an mP3 player.

But for a minute there I was so very nearly cool.

Update to post. Went back to Odeo and turns out that you don't even have to have an mP3 player you can listen in on your computer. Which would be great except that this computer doesn't have speakers. It used to, but it turns out that speaker power supplies aren't universal. Seemed like such a good idea until I saw the smoke. So very, nearly, almost and yet not quite cool.

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