Monday, July 11, 2005

dred part 2 (an experiment)

I was reading on the Google Blog today that you can now upload pics directly from the Blogger interface so I thought I'd give it a shot. I don't have too many pics of my own (did I mention wanting a digital camera? And a laptop.. . .and a pony. . .) I thought I'd steal, I mean borrow, a couple from DAve and JAnie. They are generous sorts and I doubt that they'd mind. SO here goes, an experiment in photo blogging, take one.

This is my brother DAve, with dreds. As far as I know he's had these dreds about three years. If I remember my family history correctly, his wife has never seen him without them.

And here he is without. I think he looks exactly like the last photo I have of him before he started growing his hair. (Which is a little strange, because he was a highschool student then and now he's a married youth pastor, soon-to-be-Dad. Crazy.)

Interesting, so the photo blogging is relatively painless. Okay Blogger people, here's what I want to know:

a) How come the code automatically inserts right at the top of my post window regardless of where the cursor was when I hit the photo button?

b) Why doesn't the text automatically align with the photo when I add the second photo? Is that a feature so that if I had seven pics about one thing the text would be continuous?

Hmm, well the spacing issue is a little annoying but other than that, that was pretty easy. Cool.

Update: Ok I knew that was too easy. . . turns out that template width is not reflected in preview so you have to go back and adjust spacing. If anyone knows a hack to get preview to preview actually in my template of choice, I'm all ears.

Second update: turns out that selecting "center" takes care of the text alignment problem in narrow-width templates. Nice.


JAnie & DAve said...

Yeah for Claire! She continues to Master the internet, one photo at a time. A little correction to the family history: when i met dave he had a buzz cut. Then he started growing it out for dreads, but he made the awfulk decision of hiding his greasy, tangled, unattended locks under an ugly and awful fitting toque. Of course my first memory of him, at mention of him chopping his soft, lovely dreads, was the toque. I don't think we have it anymore, so that takes care of that (and we spent lots on styling products so we don't have to worry about unkempt hair)! And how is your new DO?

issachar said...

So is blogger hosting all the photos now too? For how long? The downside of blogspot was always that they wouldn't host your pictures.

I wonder if this will end up being a legal hassle for blogger. (Copyrighted images an all that). Of course I suppose someone could always post copyrighted text on a blog before, but as far as I can tell the photos can be referred to directly without going through the blog.

Nice feature though...

westcoastloon said...

It would appear that Blogger is hosting all of the photos. To bad they couldn't have done this before I jumped through the five kerbillion hoops Shaw required for me to post hos the header for this Blog. Downloading and firguring out cuteFTP was so much easier . . .

Anyway, funny you should mention the copyright issue. I took a look at the help link on Blogger re: photos and they have a great little 'please play nice and don't steal stuff' blurb. I'm not convinced it would stand up in court but hey, as long as they don't inhale.