Wednesday, July 13, 2005

good day

One of the truly great things about working from home one day a week is that I can be down by the beach a little after seven in the morning and still make it to work on time. And this morning I actually did.

It was awesome -- cool and quiet but still busy. There were a bunch of people walking or jogging and a pair of what looked like shrimp boats moored down on the floating dock beside the pier. (I know we don't have shrimp out this way, but they were shrimp-boat-shaped. Wonder what they were trolling for?) I passed a family going down the pier. I hear the Mom say to her 10-year-old son "Where's your sweater? You're going to freeze on the boat" and a few minutes later I heard said 10-year-old's thundering footsteps as he ran back to get it. I wanted to stick around to see which boat they were taking out, but I was getting short on time.

I keep telling myself that someday I'm going to find out what the sun looks like rising up over that water. But I don't think I'll be trying that on a day when I have to go to work. It felt like summer today, even just for a little bit. It's been a good day.

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