Tuesday, September 06, 2005

happy anniversary to me

It was just about this time of year ten years ago that, nervous and uncertain I stepped on to a plane to come to British Columbia for the very first time. I remember the lady in the seat beside me asking me what I was doing in Vancouver. I told her I was coming out here to go to school. She asked if I was from BC and I admitted that I've never been there before. "You've never even seen it?" she asked. "And you're coming out here, sight unseen. You've signed up for four years? You're brave." Great, thanks. Exactly what I needed to hear.

I remember flying over the Rockies and the captain coming on the loud speaker telling everyone to look out the window because it was unlikely we'd ever get a day as clear as this one again. The mountains took my breath away. I hoped that they always would and ten years later I'm happy to say that they still do.

I had no idea what I was flying toward, or how my life was about to change. Given the chance I'd do the whole thing all over again, exactly the same way. (Well, almost exactly ;) Of course arriving at my tenth anniversary of being in BC does mean I am dangerously close to being old. But considering what I've gained in coming here, I think it's a pretty good trade. Happy Anniversary to me.

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JAnie & DAve said...

Happy Anniversary to you to! there is definately something to be said for being BRAVE. I hope you are still exhilerated by your brave choices... even if it means a different drink at Starbucks (or coffee house of choice!). I too cannot imagine my life without the choice to come to Winnipeg. I am glad that God's spirit prompts us to be brave, and then provides the required strength, else really there would be no point. Direction!
Anyway, happiest anniversary. I think you should celebrate with another airplace ride across the mountains, but that would be a large ann present to yourself.. so maybe a trip to england will do!