Sunday, September 11, 2005

hello little one

I was checking out DAve and JAnie's blog today and they posted the ultrasound pics of my niece or nephew. This one's my favourite because you can actually see the little hand waving:

JAnie said that she and DAve were starting to freak out because they could only count four fingers until the technician helpfully pointed out that the thumb is on the other side.

Just a few more months until I get to see the real thing. I can hardly wait. There's still lots of time for Auntie Claire to go shopping. Chapters, here I come :)


Anonymous said...
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kelly said...

wow - that can be a very deceiving post at first glance, if one doesn't know that your brother and sister-in-law are expecting :)

westcoastloon said...

Yeah that would be why I mentioned whose baby it is right from the start :)

JAnie & DAve said...

AUNTIE CLAIRE: the best auntie on earth! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. I found a totaly hippy birth prep class that i think we might check out. All about the wonderful experience of birth, and the peace you can have and la la la... but i am asuming they would teach good breathing techniques because it is all about natural!
The baby moves around so much now, but it still can't be felt from the outside unfortunately:( One day soon though! And then before we know it the baby will be here. Jan. 4, give or take a few weeks is still the estimated date. My OB might have more info at the next apt, but nothing new now! Just waiting, and reading, and working! Soon dave and i will have to actually tackle the babies room. Right now it is filled with boxes... he he he! What joy awaits. Bye for now