Thursday, October 27, 2005

complimentary code

A funny thing happened at work today. One of our web programmers called me over to his desk claiming he had something I should see. He had written a script that afternoon and after he ran it, it returned an interesting result. I got over to his computer, he ran the script and one line of code resulted:


HAHAHahahahahahaha. If you dig deep enough there is a little logic behind the unusual return.

Several years ago I was asked to write an article about the perception of beauty. "In Search of a Beautiful Woman" was published on one of our sites and later translated into French. The French translator, a friend of mine, renamed the translated version of the file as claireisbeautiful.html as a joke. I had forgotten about that until the filename showed up in the script today.

Who knew that code could be so complimentary?


Mom said...


That's lovely. I think it should have read "ClaireISbeautiful". The rest of us know it, you should too :)

Love ya,
Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Claire, That is so awesome! I hope you really enjoyed that! I am excited that our baby has not only the silly, giggle (?) genes you spoke up, but also such beautiful genes... it has a great chance of being a very lovely person to look at!
2.5 months to go. We start prenatal soon, so the truth will be revealed to us: can we handle childbirth!? Do we have a choice? Ha ha, nope!
Take it easy beauty.

Love janie