Saturday, October 22, 2005

needful things (how using the internet changes the internet)

On Friday Mandy was showing me the new Magic 8 ball-inspired Google game. Type your name and needs into Google to see what the internet has to say about you. Of course I had to take a shot at it.

According to Google "Claire needs":

Claire Needs a Visit to the Bunny Planet
Claire needs her own forum.
Claire needs to be inspired.
Claire needs a wider circle of friends.
Claire needs some cops on horses.
Claire needs to hire a part time admin worker.
Claire needs a dual personality as the theater's founder and director.
Claire needs to be somewhere else.
Claire needs to shear all her sheep in a matter of days.

What I find intriguing however is how many other people named Claire have already done this search and are thereby totally messing up MY Claire needs results. I had to go several pages into Google to get results that weren't merely lists belonging to other Claires. (I'm sure the other Claires are lovely, I'd just rather make a list of my own.)

Which begs the question though, will there come a time when the game can no longer be played because the lists already made have taken up all the space for the results needed to make lists? We do change the internet every time we use it (every time you view a page you alter the stats for the page, which in turn eventually will alter the search ranking etc etc.) I wonder if we'll ever manage to use up the internet? Will there ever be so many reports of answers that the answers themselves will become totally obscured?


4walls said...

Claire, you are 4th on my list of Links and Cool Stuff now... go to my blog to check it out...

4walls said...

What about a link to the game?

westcoastloon said...

I don't think I've ever made a cool list before, nice :)

As for the link to the game, there isn't a link, you just play the game right in Google. So, for example if it's Gord asking the question you'd just put "Gord needs" into the search bar and chuckle at the results.