Saturday, October 22, 2005

dreaming the dawn

There has been a lot of talk in my world lately about dreams. Several friends are taking steps towards dreams of books and babies from far off places, dreams of a workday that looks completely different. Interesting times. I took a step toward a smaller dream today.

Ever since I moved to White Rock, four years ago now, I have dreamt of going down to watch the dawn come up over the water. I couldn't remember the last dawn that I saw with my own eyes. This morning I finally did it.

It's the perfect time of year to stalk the dawn. Daylight savings time starts next week so this week is the latest you can get up and still see the show. I set my alarm (sacriledge on a Saturday morning, but sacrifices must be made for dreams). I packed a peanut butter sandwich and a travel mug of tea and headed out just as the sky was starting to turn indigo.

I found an east-facing bench out on the pier and just sat and waited. It surprised me to see how many people are actually out at that hour. One man walking down the pier stopped and asked "Just waiting for that sun?" That's exactly what I was doing.

Dawn comes quicker than I remember. The horizon turns red and pink, orange and a yellow that somehow turns blue without turning green. It's light long before the sun is truly up. It was so peaceful out there just waiting. I was so peaceful.

To the west of the dawn the whole world is pink. The sea and the sky, even the trees are edged in it -- a cotton candy dream of the day to come. I sat there until the sun hit the top of Mount Baker and set it glowing. Then the world was fully awake, and then, so was I.


Mom said...

Wow Claire!

I felt as if I was there watching the dawn with you. Dad and I see the sun come up most weekdays because of how our house is situated and it certainly is a spectacular show. The subtlety (gosh I'm not sure I spelled that right)of the colours almost beggars description.

It makes me remember just how much greater God is than His creation - and that He is such an amazing artist. He could have just not bothered with colours or simply made a light source that merely switch on and off, or just stayed on all the time but He chose to do things this way instead and we get to enjoy it all.

So glad that you took the opportunity to fulfill one of your dreams. Now ... what's next on the horizon, only you and God know.

Love, Mom XX

rob said...

My mind tells me it was beautiful. But wish mine eyes could have seen it too!