Friday, October 07, 2005


I love Autumn. I love the way it looks, I love the way it smells. I love the colours and the leaves and the fact that I have an excuse to light the fire in the fireplace. There's something about this time of year. It's as if the world takes a deep breathe and settles in. There will be winter to get through, but not quite yet. Now is the time to gather, to get comfortable and settle in. It's time to put the kettle on.
A couple of years ago I started decorating the mantel in the livingroom for Fall. I saw this thing on Martha Stewart once where she strung fall leaves on a string to make a garland and I had to try it. It's the one Martha thing I do. There's something incredible about the colours of those leaves and the way they dry curled as if still in flight. Add a few gourds and some corn and it's all set. All set for Thanksgiving. It's been up for a few weeks already and it's a good reminder. It reminds be of bounty and my life is bountiful.
This week-end there will be a houseful of people eating turkey and pie and I am thankful that there will be more guests than I have chairs. I am thankful that no one minds pinicing on the floor. I am thankful for the laughter and for these people who have chosen to hold me in their hearts. I am thankful that although they are not my blood family, there are still *my* family and that is an incredible gift.

I am thankful for health and I am thankful that God promises hope to those whose health has been taken away. I am thankful for the things I forget to count sometimes -- for food in the cupboards in the kitchen, for a car that starts faithfully, for shoes without holes and a warm coat when I need one. I am thankful that my family is safe, and extra thankful that my family has increased by two this year. I am thankful that the God of the universe who could do whatever He needs to without me chooses to invite me along anyway because He enjoys my company. I am thankful for grace even though I can't fully understand it. I am thankful, consciously, actively, every day.


Mom said...

Wow Claire! You are awesome.

Much love, Mom XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Claire, i am so coming over.. right now.. going on the west jet web site to find a flight! I wish. Very beautiful autumn display. It looks crispy and warm, like pie! I am going to make pies today, a yam dish, and a veg. stuffing for our meat angry friends!
I hope you experience the warmest, earthy, loving thanksgiving you can fathom. Take care, lots of love from Janie, Dave, and little niece/nephew