Thursday, December 08, 2005

home again, home again (jiggety-jig)

Countryside, Uffcolm
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I would say that I'm back state-side except that I'm in Canada. I think we need a cool term like that of our very own. Anyway you put it I'm home and it's good to be here.

I had an amazing time in England. I think I'm still in history overload, kindof like sugar shock for the brain. I'm still in the process of adjusting to Pacific time (must stop doing the time conversion in my head, must stop waking up at 2am) so this isn't going to be the "all the really good stories from my trip" post but it is the one with the photos.

My parents let me have my Christmas present early and although I used to swear that I would never turn my back on film, I have fully embraced the digital dark side and there is no going back. I took a LOT of photos, but here's the link to a select few (20 of them to be precise):

Claire's trip to England, short version

More stories to come once I catch up with myself.


JAnie & DAve said...

I have to keep this brief:

The photos are Phenomenal. So glad to hear you had a good time. I would let loose my monumental jealousy, but in reality instead of a trip to England I get a baby. So I'm good.

Can't wait for stories,
-Brother DAve

JAnie & DAve said...


Looks like a fabulous trip! I do wish that we were able to explore caves and castles along side the Colvin Clan ( clan.. more scottish than english.. but i think we all are a clan!)but i suppose i will be an optimist like dave and be thankful for the reason we couldn't join.
So you received a digital camera for Christmas?! Do you have more photos waiting to go up, or just more stories? Can't wait to hear more adventures, and i am sure we can trust Dad to share all his photos! Did you visit that house your family used to live in, or drive by the place you were born?
Glad travelling went well and you are safe and sound at home with Jet Lag. I hope it passes quickly for you!
Say, you were thinking of coming out here to visit once baby exists outside my body, is that still in the plans? Let us know! Take care, lots of love,
Janie and baby