Wednesday, December 14, 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I feel like Christmas sneaked up on me this year. It was still just November when I left for England and now suddenly Christmas is less than two weeks away. I think ExpressPost and I are going to be very good friends this season.

Our small group from church had a Christmas potluck last night. The food was AMAZING. We should definitely do this more often. What a great way to get into the season. In the photo ready to eat are:
Back row - Wendy, Howard, Kendra, Claire & Bob
Front row - Becky, Matt, Kristal, Debbie, Daniel & Marieke

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JAnie & DAve said...

I agree! Christmas is coming way too fast this year. I need more time to enjoy. However, i am also very anxious to have my baby on my lap and not in my lap. I have been to a few christmas dinners/celebrations already this year. I have one "nice" maternity shirt that i wear to all of them. Fewer and fewer clothes fit me everyday, but this shirt is still going strong!
I decided that this year i would make our Christmas stockings, so i am going to try to get a bit done on that before i head off for work. I just detest pulling out the machine and then getting it all away again... but it is worth it. I have some of Dave's gifts to wrap too, but they can wait a little longer! Dave and i desperately need to get our christmas cards out too, but we keep putting that off as well.
Hope your work and play time are going well and full of Christmasy things! Love you lots and see you soon,