Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Let your heart be light.

We just got back from taking a tour of the lights. Even though there isn't any snow it is looking mighty Christmas-y around here. There is laughter and music, family and food. So many gifts, so much to celebrate. Christmas is here. Thank Heaven. May all the joys of the season find us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

Yes, it does look like Christmas in the photo. Its raining like made here and most of our snow has disappeared - how unseasonal!

We're sorry we couldn't hear you very well earlier today. We'll try again when you're on a land line.

Phoned Uncle John and Nan. Both seem well and having a good day.

Love, Mom & Dad XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Merry Christmas! We totaly built a snow man on Christmas day.. but snow in winnipeg so poorly packs that dave and our friend pam decided to shovel the snow into a garbage can.. the it was more like a snow person! But it looked just awesome! We absolutely loved all the gifts you sent. You are such a creative woman!
I would post a pic of the snowman, but we took pics with Pam's camera and i think she has gone back up North to nurse again!
We have a very nice christmas day. We opened gifts, went to church, went for dinner at our friends house (ate amazing food, with lots of veggies!), built the snowman, talked, saw Narnia, and came back home.
It sounds like you were also with some excellent friends that are more like family than anything.
Now we are just awaiting little baby. We are so ready: diapers, wipes, clothes (i washed lots today!), stroller, 3 car seats (we have to see which one works best in our car... the one we have in right now gets bumped to the side when dave drives...) baby bath stuff, change pad, wash clothes, towels, little blankets, sheets, a craddle! EVERYTHING but the baby! Teehee, all in good time!
Well, take care sister. Love you lots,