Wednesday, December 28, 2005

spending the day with ralph

One of the best things about being on vacation is simply not having to do anything. The luxury of time, truly sweet. Yesterday I took the entire day and did a puzzle with The Thornbirds playing in the background. The Thornbirds is an 8 or 9 hour miniseries so it lends itself well to a full day of puzzling (provided that you start with a decent sized puzzle). I can't remember the last time I simply sat for that long doing something enjoyable and unnecessary. And it's been ages since I watched that show. You can't go far wrong spending a day with Father Ralph. (And yes Mom if you're reading this, I know, I know, but deep down I still choose not to believe.) I probably should have done some laundry, or bought the new wiper blades I need for my car but vacations have nothing to do with should and besides, it's Christmas.


JAnie & DAve said...

Well said Claire! Vacations have nothing to do with the SHOULDS. I think in my mind maternity leave is a vacation. It might feel that way at first, but slowly it will be a job (one of the greatest jobs), with lots and lots of NEED TO'S! Tee hee.
Have a super vacation time. Tell me more about the thornbirds... would i like???

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

I've survived my week of full days at work (4 x 8 1/2 hours no less!) and now have three whole days off - heaven!

I'm starting to enjoy the job a lot more. Feel like I'm starting to have a clue what I'm doing, especially since Sheena kindly wrote out for me how to do a billing. Its something I do probably about 4 times a day but not often enough for it to stick in my mind. I seem to be able to debit peoples cards or charge to credit card but its remembering that I have to write paid and my initials in a certain place, handwrite the patient's name on the print out (because you can't figure out most folk's signatures) and most importantly to write down in the cash book the person's name and amount before I put it in the cash drawer!!!! I get to see one or two people a day that I recognise - always fun. I found out something great this morning. I don't have to answer the phone unless it rings more than a couple of time. Brianna is the phone girl apparently, that's what she does all day.

Referring to you blog (finally she gets to the point) you'll be tickled to find out how completely Dad and I have swapped roles. I've been the one tearing out of the house in the morning while Dad lounges in his robe and makes my lunch for me. We discuss what he's cooking for supper and I dash off while he waves goodbye. Today he didn't have any laundry to do, no errands to run and thought he might do some work on his trains but NO - he spent the ENTIRE day reading!!!!!!!!!! Talk about role reversal. I bought him a Frost book for Christmas and he has got right into it. He's reading now while half-watching Michael Palin's "Pole to pole" on TVO. Tee-hee-hee.

I'm the one who talks a mile a minute about all the stuff I've got into at work while he smiles and nods (and probably switches off after a couple of minutes!)

Oh well, things will revert to almost normal on Tuesday as I resume 1/2 days and Dad goes back to work.

We will be dancing Sat. night, church Sunday and watching football (or not) at the McIlwaine's Monday - what a great life.

Lots of love, wish I could remember my blog password then I wouldn't have to be anonymous.

Love Mom XX

Nikki said...


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luv ya!!!