Sunday, March 12, 2006


Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of hearing Vancouver's own Tango Paradiso perform at the Art Center. The concert was in celebration of the release of their latest CD Post Nuevo and it was magical. This is the fourth time I have heard Tango P perform and they never cease to delight. Masterful musicians all, they cast these moments that just take hold of you. When it comes to the end it almost seems disrespectful to clap and break the spell. It's music you can just lean back into and let yourself fall.

The concert took place at Gallery O at the Art Center (2060 Pine Street). It's a very cool venue. If you ever get the chance, I highly reccommend it. The place was packed. If I have one complaint it's that there wasn't a lot of room left to wander around and look at the art. But that's a small complaint. I came for the music and I was not disappointed. Now with CD in hand I'm already anticipating the next time.

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